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Helicopter Elopement Alberta Rocky Mountains | Rockies Heli at Cline River

Why a helicopter elopement?

Eloping is one of the most classically romantic ways of tying the knot. It eliminates all the extra frills of a wedding, eliminates a lot of additional expenses and focuses solely on two hearts in love. A Helicopter elopement is an exciting opportunity available to engaged couples that we love being a part of.

In the province of Alberta, we have access to some one of the most incredible and famous mountain ranges in the world – The Rocky Mountains. To me, they are a physical representation of the profound nature of marriage. There will be mountains to climb in a marriage, there will be rocky roads and unpredictable elements. But there is always an underlying beauty and steadiness that does not surrender.

The Rocky Mountains are nature’s cathedral. You don’t have to be religious to elope or get married, nor do you have to be religious to experience the profound spectacle of this place. It captures the imagination and invokes an innate sense of adventure.

So why a heli-elopement? There are plenty of gorgeous places on ground level, no doubt about it. But this extra sense of adventure and distance from all other people really amplifies the experience of eloping. You can be one with the mountains and the skies.

Rockies Heli

Rockies Heli were fabulous to work with and tremendously helpful when I called them a week before the wedding with questions about the weather! I realized I didn’t know what their back up plan would be if we couldn’t fly at the scheduled time. Turns out there is no back up plan! We either get out or we don’t, the weather is completely out of our control. This made me feel a little bit anxious, because suddenly I realized the entire integrity of the event was dependent on whether the elements would permit us to fly. But this is simply the nature of our profession, working live events for a living helps you to develop a little bit of faith with everything you do!

As soon as I spoke with the staff at Rockies Heli, I knew we were in safe and caring hands. They are extremely professional and genuinely enjoy what they do. When the day of the wedding came, we arrived at around 4.30am to catch the sunrise on the mountains tops. I was sent out with one of the photographers as the groom was already waiting for us and the bride was coming in the next flight.

The Helicopter Elopement Flying Experience

Our pilot was so passionate about flying, I was able to sit up front filming the mountains from the air and listening to his interesting tales. He made us feel so safe. Personally, this was my second time in a helicopter, the first being much further north in the province for a corporate project – and it was not as pleasant of an experience!

My second shooter was also a bit nervous to fly, but once he got out there he enjoyed himself!

Rockies Heli are consumate professionals and just fabulous to work with. The pilot knew the area so well and he picked the perfect spot for the couple’s ceremony, with a stunning backdrop that saw the rising sun framed between the mountains.

The mountains were so serene, so peaceful and so majestic. It was like being in another world for a few short hours. This is the magic I worked hard to recreate when I was editing their film.

Married By Cole – A Modern Wedding Officiant

We are always delighted when we learn a couple has booked Married by Cole as their wedding officiant. Cole truly brings the ceremony into the modern world. He cares deeply to personalize the ceremony, to capture the true essence of the people he is marrying, to make them laugh and feel every joy while being fully present in the moment. He always gets the couple to take those few extra seconds to absorb what is happening – because the day really does go by so fast!

Cole is also fabulous from a videographer’s perspective. His voice sounds great on our mics and he delivers the perfect narrative voiceover for our films. We can’t recommend him enough, and it’s no surprise he gets booked up so quickly!

Cole is also very experienced with Helicopter Elopements and Adventure Elopements in the region, so he is a wealth of knowledge and information.

Young Hearts in Love

And now, to the most important part. Rebecca and Joshua. The reason we were all up there on that mountain top. This young couple were, without any doubt, predestined for each other by the stars. They met when they were children and never forgot that love that was in their hearts. The way Joshua embraced his bride, the way they smiled and laughed during their exchange of vows, the deep connection they shared – all these things were immensely palpable. What a joy it was to be witness to their love and I cherished every moment with them.

Crafting the film

Despite how much I loved filming this elopement, and despite how much I love my job in general – there is always a bump you have to find a way over when you sit down to create a film. All you have to do is begin, but the question is – where do you begin?!

I find my greatest creative inspiration comes from music. So, the first thing I do when I sit down to edit, is search through pages upon pages of potential musical scores, that may or may not evoke the sense of beauty and wonder that I am looking for. Sometimes this search is quick and painless, sometimes slow and agonizing! But I will never deliver something I am not completely in love with myself. This is part of the process of creation.

Once I found the music that captivated me, I was able to begin telling the story of Rebecca and Joshua. And it was such a pleasure to work on this film, I absolutely love helicopter elopements and would gladly shoot them every season.

The Finished Product


Helicopter Expedition | Rockies Heli

Photography | Film and Forest

Officiant | Married By Cole

Videography | Panemorfi Studios

Are you planning a helicopter elopement? Are you searching for Alberta or BC wedding videography and wondering who to choose to capture your event, or for some initial inspiration? You have come to the right place! At Panemorfi Studios, we provide wedding videography to couples throughout Alberta and British Columbia and this is where we journal the incredible weddings we get to shoot! So please, take a look around and enjoy our videos and blogs from around the region. We’d love for you to choose us for your event, but we are here to help you in your decision making any way we can!




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